Supply Chain Disruptions Are Here!

Way too many American homes depend on a “Just In Time” food shopping plan that models the American Manufacturing System borrowed from Toyota in the late 1980’s that de-emphasized the need for storing inventory. With the advent of Super Markets and Chain Stores, which exploded onto the American landscape about 100 years ago, shopping for food soon became a weekly or even daily event focused on a short, one-week or even one-day meal plan.

Long gone are Grandma’s gardens and the Victory Gardens of the 2nd World War. When women became major participants in the American work force, gardening became a thing of the past. So did Pantries of old that used to contain all kinds of delicious wonders including home grown and canned vegetables and staples like rice, beans and potatoes. Food has long been considered easily accessible requiring a quick trip down the street to a Grocery Store.

But what if that is no longer the case? American households would have to go into a shocking reassessment of what food security means. Some believe that reassessment is staring us in the face right now; and unfortunately, it’s winter when venturing outside to plant a Survival Garden is not an option for most Americans. So what exactly is going on?

Essentially, what is happening is a confluence of complicated issues that are being exasperated by the Covid Pandemic and our Government’s reaction to it. Early in the Pandemic scare, many American workers stayed home and collected Unemployment or worked from home to avoid contact with others who might be spreading the virus. To avoid public places, on-line shopping boomed and Jeff Bezos amassed an even bigger fortune than ever before as imports of both food and supplies sky rocketed.

Now, just when Unemployment has run out, the Government has caused a mass firing event based on thousands of workers not wanting to get the Vaccine due to religious concerns around Fetal Tissue cells used in the Vaccines or Natural Immunity based on their having already had Covid, both of which the Government is ignoring. The result is there are not enough American Workers to do the jobs necessary to get the Container Ships unloaded in a timely manner, and this is just the first shoe to drop in our “Just In Time” Supply methodology. We are about to see this catastrophic problem spread throughout all areas of Supplies and Services including Airlines (starting with Southwest), Hospitals, Police Forces, the Military, Trucking Industry, Packaging and Shipping Plants and more. 

Also, you may not realize this, but those Container Ships sitting off shore in the 10 Largest U.S. Ports, including the Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, Port of Newark and New York, Port of Savannah, Port of Houston, Port of Seattle, Port of Norfolk, Port of Tacoma, Port of Charleston and Port of Oakland are carrying a lot of food from China that is being imported into the U.S. 

As meat prices make a beeline to the moon, Americans will gravitate to eating more FISH, and guess what? The chart below (whcih was created in 2010) shows a whopping 50% of Cod in American grocery stores was imported from China along with 79% of the Tilapia among other imports that include fruits and vegetables, snack foods, spieces and tea. Remember those numbers are from 2010, and only grew larger as time passed.

If you haven’t figured out yet that Aquaponics is a Food Growing Technology that grows Food Fish along with Vegetables, and that Tilapia is the most popular and easiest fish to learn to farm in Homes or Schools, this is the Good News. You can grow your own Tilapia and guarantee food security by creating your own Aquaponics System at your Home or School. (Source:

And you can do it in a spare room, a garage or a greenhouse. Aquaponics is year-around food growing technology that doesn’t depend on Land, Soil or even the Sun because the new LED Grow Lights substitute for sunlight. If there was ever a time to learn Aquaponics and build or buy an Aquaponics Food Growing System, this is it. Go to our AquaponicsUSA website where we offer a wealth of information about this amazing Survival Food Growing technology.

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