Here Comes Our Classroom!

We’ve been wanting to do Aquaponics Classes for quite a while now, and it’s getting closer to happening with the installation of one of our HOME and STEM Teaching & Food Growing Systems, the EZ-15, in the Show Room Section of a 600 sq. ft. Room we are now painting and preparing to be our Classroom.

This EZ-15 is the smallest Food Growing System we sell at this time, but a single-bed System is coming soon and will look a lot like one side of the EZ-15 except its clear acrylic Fish Tank will sit on the Lower Shelf. Desks, a White Board and TV will also be added to complete the Teaching environment, which we expect to turn into an operational Classroom early in 2022.

The Class will feature the basics of Aquaponics using Oliver’s E-Book, Aquaponics 101, which you can download as a pdf from our website’s Home Page and other pages.

Much like the story of coincidentally landing on the San Francisco Volcanic Field of Arizona when we made our move from California, described in a previous Blog post, ending up in a home with a built-in Classroom was rather interesting to say the least. We chose our home because it fit the many requirements we had to run our business out of it including a 70 ft. South-facing covered patio that we could turn into our Greenhouse and a driveway that could accommodate 18 Wheelers that come to pick up our STEM Teaching & Food Growing Systems for Schools, two extra bedrooms we could turn into offices, and a huge garage we could turn into our System Building Work Shop.

But the big surprise happened when we were looking at the many photos we took upon our first visit of what was going to become our home and saw this in the Control Panel. There was a Circuit Breaker with the words “Classroom Lights” written next to it.

Until that moment, it hadn’t dawned on us that we could turn what appeared to be a Den or extra undefined room into a Classroom until we saw that the previous owners had actually had the room built on to the home to be used as a “Classroom”. It even has its own bathroom, a designated heater and air conditioning system and a roomy porch for break time.

But running Classes was going to have to wait quite a while as we still needed to finish the unfinished garage and build the Greenhouse. Yesterday, we started running an 11 Day Series on how we converted the Covered Patio into a Greenhouse on our Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest Social Media Sites, so if you’re interested in that process, hop on over to one of those locations and follow along for the next 10 days.

Truth be told, our precious Classroom was a Storage Room for far too long while we continued to work on our Greenhouse, our Website, our Social Media sites, our marketing efforts to Schools and amass the thousands of dollars it was going to take to upgrade our electrical system for going off grid (still working on that one) and the purchase of a 9 ft. x 40 ft. Shipping Container.

So we’re still working on getting the Classroom and Class Content squared away, but we can finally see our way forward because all the storage we can’t bear to part with that was turning our Classroom into a storage heap is neatly tucked away in our Hanjin Container that arrived this summer.

Since this photo was taken, we’ve painted it to match our house and started the process of emptying the Classroom and garage of things we don’t feel an immediate need for but want to keep. Just to give you and idea of what’s happening in the Shipping Container world, prices for these handy storage rooms have doubled in one year. This one cost an amazing $7,500 to purchase and get delivered, but we’re not paying a monthly rental at one of those many public storage facilities.

The fact that an entire Shipping Company went bankrupt in 2016 and we are presently experiencing Supply Chain disruptions and shortages of around 80,000 truck drivers making that disruption a long-term one, makes growing your own food fish and veggies more important than ever. It’s time we go into World War II mode when every family had a garden. With Aquaponics you don’t need land or even sunshine. You can grow food in a garage or spare room with LED Grow Lights. So as we say around here, “Good To Grow”.

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That’s our news for now! Check back soon as several things will be happening between now and early 2022. We’ll be installing two more 320 gallon Fish Tanks in an area we have not shared yet called our Fish Room, completing the Classroom and running Classes, doing Aquaponics Tours and introducing our new smallest HOME & STEM Teaching & Food Growing System, the FGS-7 with a single Grow Bed and see through acrylic Fish Tank.

We so appreciate you following our Blog and hope to see you back here soon.


Grace & Oliver, Aquaponics USA

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