Aquaponics is a hybrid food-growing technology combining the best of aquaculture (growing fish) and hydroponics (growing veggies without soil). It’s completely organic because the fish produce natural fertilizer used by the plants and that means no man-made chemicals. In turn, the plants clean the water for the fish. You grow the fish and the plants, which allows you to produce both your protein and your vegetables.

We call our systems Home & School Food Growing Systems. They are actually fully functioning ecosystems that recirculate the water thus conserving your water resources. We offer several choices delineated by their size as measured in square feet of Grow Bed space. We have Compact hobby systems,  larger Family systems and most popular our STEM Teaching & Food Growing Systems. Our Systems range in size from 7.5 square feet of Grow Bed space to 44 square feet of Grow Bed space. All are designed by an aerospace engineer who doesn’t stop tweaking each system until it’s perfect.  These are not only the least expensive Aquaponic Food Growing Systems on the market, they are the best systems for the average American family or classroom. They’ve all been designed to be sturdy, durable, long lasting and easy to assemble and operate.

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  1. I live in Landers, Ca. which is next door to Yucca Valley, I was wondering where can one get the fish to put in the tanks for Aquaponics system? I am in process of setting up a system and if it is something I enjoy I plan on using an 1 1/2 acres of our property to grow crops for the community and local farmers market.
    I would rather not waste money, feeding and housing fish that cannot be eaten by humans and gold fish is all I have been able to find at pet stores.. Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Thank You


    • Dear Velenda: We sell Tilapia on our website. Call if you have questions about placing an order. Tilapia are the most popular aquaponics farmer fish because they are so hardy and easy to raise. Good luck with your AP Project.


  2. Tilapia and the state of California do not mix … don’t do it! In Calif a Private Stocking Permit from the Dept of Fish and Game is required to stock your home aquaponic system. There are some exceptions that allow you to stock a few species of fish for yourself (noncommercial) in certain areas without a permit. Noncommercial stocking of Tilapia is prohibited.


  3. I live in Africa. Precisely in Lagos, Nigeria and I would like to know if this system is workable in my environment knowing fully the type of tropical weather we have.
    I am realy encoraged by what I see on your blog and want to try out your idea of feeding 1 family at a time. Even in Africa where we have large arable land spaces, people are still dying of hunger. That is where I find this system interesting.




    • Dear Solomon: Aquaponics could work wonders in Africa. Check out our new AquaponicsWorld.net page to explore more about the importance of placing Aquaponics Systems in developing countries. The system has to be well designed, however; and the people running it have to be responsible and there doing the farming.


  4. I love the blog. It is always nice to see fellow Aquaponics enthusiasts.

    I am currently putting together an Aquaponics Course. I would love to talk to you about it as I am looking for people who would like to promote it.

    It will be $37 when it goes on sale and we are offering 50% commission.

    We will have all sorts of resources to help affiliates sell it.

    I am sorry to contact you via these comments section but I had no other way to contact you.

    Have provided my email address with this comment. So if you are interested please reply via email.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Neil Farley-Playfoot


  5. I came across your blog. I’ve been researching Aquaponics/Hydroponics for a couple years now I have a 4 person hot tub… old freebie that runs/heats. I live in NC… recently we have seen some colder winter temps… but all and all…
    Anyway since I’m not using the hot tub anymore because of actual usage and costs and maintenance… Not like you want to go in a hot tub when 4-5 months of the year temps reach 90-100+….

    So my plan was and I’m a single person and trying to do some homesteading… So I would like to try to grow some tilapia… grow some veggies… use the pump, the heater in the winter… the unit it on my deck… and I’m thinking of building a green house around the tub…it makes sense in a way. Water doesn’t cool as quick as air… in winter time have a green house and the heater for backup…it has filters, pumps, you know… basically bubbler for fish… I was even thinking of using solar even to power it with battery backup…

    by now you should get my plan.

    Basically a 4-5 person tub I would estimate about 350 gallons. I’m just trying out what I could achieve?? Like how many fish??? Also it will be a combined hydroponic and aquaponic system. I want to grow veggies and fish.


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