2022, The Year To Become More Food Independent

Things are getting shaky in America with high Inflation, stagnant wages, many fired or quitting to avoid Vaccines, high gas prices, supply chain disruptions and shockingly low new jobs numbers. So being more Food Independent is not only important, it’s becoming a necessity.

Unfortunately, Biden and Trudeau are about to bring about another squeeze on our imports via the Canadian Border with another Vaccine Mandate on 30,000 cross border truckers who are to be shut down from operating between the two Countries as drivers will no longer be considered “essential” and have to show proof of vaccination to cross the border.

This Blog Post isn’t about Politics. Difficult as it may be to stay out of Politics, we do our best. We can all agree Inflation is bad for people. Fewer goods to purchase means higher prices anyway you look at it. We’ve been warning about inflation on our website for years. Now it’s here, but the Supply Chain Disruptions are a bit of a surprise.

And they are going to get worse because we live in a Global Economy. What happens when borders are closed to Trade? Disaster! How do we deal with disaster? We get more Self Sufficient and less Dependent on the System.

You can learn to Raise Your Own Fish and Grow Your Own Fruits & Veggies with little space, no land or even the sun with Aquaponics. How is that possible? Dedicate a room in your house or commandeer your garage and install an Aquaponics System and Grow Lights. You have a garden that not only produces food but fish to eat, too.

We all just celebrated the beginning of a New Year, which is supposed to bring new opportunities for career advancements and abundance. Given our present State Of The Union, that’s not looking to be the case in our immediate future, but we can ameliorate the possibility of the scariest of all scarcities, FOOD, by growing our own food year around.


Above is a photo of our smallest Family & STEM Food Growing System, the EZ-15. We’ve recently installed it in our soon to be Classroom as a Demonstration System for the myriad of Schools that are ordering it due to it’s size.

But we’ve come to a place where learning to grow food in Schools is not fast enough. Our students won’t be heads of households for years. As a householder, you can start learning to grow food in your own home today. The above EZ-15 System with it’s 16 sq. ft. of Growing Area isn’t going to provide all the vegetables a typical family of 4 requires, but it’s a start.


Choose the above Family & STEM Food Growing System and you have 44 sq. ft. of Growing Area. Now, that’s a real prolific Food Producer and the Fish Tank can hold about 35 Pan Sized Tilapia.

Our website at http://www.aquaponicsusa.com offers everything you need to know to become an Aquaponics Gardener in 2022. This is the year to become more Food Independent!

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