Want to see the other side of yesterday’s mystery Grow Bed?

It looks like the mystery Veggie from yesterday is solved, thanks to Usona Asher (hope you don’t mind my giving you credit here, Usona). So far Usona is the only person who has responded to our call for help to identify a vegetable that was unfamiliar to us; and she agrees with my basically wild guess based on pictures from the internet that the mystery veggie is none other than Turnip Greens.

So now all I have to do is get back on the internet, connect to an heirloom seed supplier and order some Turnip Greens post haste as we’re about to start a major seed sprouting project over here. Think I’ll order some Bok Choy along with the Turnip Greens.

This time we’re going to sprout our seeds the tried and true (albeit more time consuming) way, which means I’ll be planting the seeds into a Seed Starting Kit that consists of a black seedling tray with a multi pargro rockwool cube pack with 98 one and one half inch cubes in it and topping the planted tray off with a protective, humidifying 3″ dome cover. This Seed Starting Kit is offered on our website with two different dome sizes.

I’ll be doing a post to show this seedling sprouting process in the near future so stay tuned. Now, on to what this post is all about. I want you to understand that yesterday I only showed you one side of the 11 sq. ft. Grow Bed that is housing the now identified Turnip Greens. As you can see by looking at yesterday’s post, there are a lot of Turnip Greens in that Grow Bed. But what’s really amazing is this:Greenhouse Spinach on the other side of the Grow Bed with the Turnip Greens

This is Spinach, which was planted at the same time as the Turnip Greens on the other side of the same Grow Bed. This Spinach is also delicious and seems to be milder than store bought spinach so it’s looking like aquaponically grown Turnip Greens and Spinach are both milder than their soil cultivated counterparts; and do they ever grow fast and thick in our Food Forever™ Growing Systems.

Here’s some interesting information about Spinach from the website I introduced you to yesterday, “the world’s healthiest foods“. A new category of health-supportive nutrients has been found in Spinach called “glycoglycerolipids”. Recent studies show that glycoglycerolipids (they sure can come up with some convoluted words to describe nutrition) from Spinach can help protect the lining of the digestive tract from damage, especially damage related to the big baddy called inflammation.

Here’s another reason why Popeye ate so much Spinach. Out of all the cruciferous vegetables (see yesterday’s post for more information on cruciferous veggies), Spinach is the only one that showed evidence of significant protection against aggressive prostate cancer defined as cancer in stage 3 or 4. It seems Spinach contains certain unique cancer fighting carotenoids called (here comes another one of those impossible to spell or remember words) “epoxyxanthophylls” (spell-check doesn’t even know how to spell it); nevertheless, it’s a really good guy.

So take Popeye’s advice and “eat your Spinach”.

Just to make sure you get the picture of how much vegetable growth is possible in one 11 sq. ft. Grow Bed, this picture is worth a thousand words. It shows both sides of the Grow Bed we’re discussing side by side. Now, do you see what’s so remarkable about growing vegetables in a Food Forever™ Growing System? The veggies just love the living fertilizer that they are getting compliments of happy Tilapia swimming in tanks nearby. Grow Bed with Turnip Leaves and Spinach

Until next time, GET GROWING!

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