The Beast is HANGRY today!

Yesterday, we introduced The Beast. Today he’s not in a very good mood, and we don’t recommend putting your fingers in his food depository. I said I was going to feed him yesterday, but my partner, Oliver, our System Engineer and R&D genius stopped me because not feeding him is the phase we are in right now.

In fact, The Beast hasn’t been feed for 7 Days so no wonder he’s hangry. There’s so much to share about The Beast–his size, shape, food preferences and what’s behind the chemistry that makes him work, but for now we’re keeping these Blog Posts short and sweet. The Beast is producing Nitrates just like we hoped, and we’ll give you numbers and his feeding schedule soon.

In the meantime, we’re tip-toeing around in the Greenhouse so as not to disturb him. More about The Beast tomorrow. Did you hear that? He’s growling again!

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