Introducing The Beast

Here’s a Logo Image of The Beast. We’re not ready to actually show you The Beast yet, but we can talk about it. The Beast is ALIVE, and, as you can tell from its Logo, it’s a Benevolent Creature. If our R&D on The Beast continues to go the way it seems to be going, The Beast is going to be one of the most innovative inventions to Aquaponics Tech ever.

The Beast has a job. It’s working 24/7 in our Greenhouse. It’s job is to make Nitrates for our Aquaponics System saving us from having to add more Fish. Several weeks ago, we discovered we didn’t have enough Nitrates to grow all the Plants we want to grow in our 15 ft. x 40 ft. Greenhouse. We needed to find a way to add Nitrates without adding more Fish.

The Beast appears to be solving that problem, but we have a way to go with the R&D. Have to go. Working on our relationship with The Beast, and right now it’s time to feed it. The Beast can be a little demanding when it’s feeding time. We’ll keep you posted on how The Beast R&D is going.

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