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April 2016 Newsletter  # 28
Table Of Contents
The Food Revolution Needs YOU!
Get to your computer and JOIN the FOOD REVOLUTION SUMMIT!
Exposing the Senators who are loyal to the Bio-Techs and NOT WE, the PEOPLE!
The Good Guys List continues
Websites on the front lines fighting for Food Freedom!
Revolution Foods
GMO Action Alliance
Label GMOs
Just Label It!
The Weston A. Price Foundation
Alliance For Natural Health
Celebrating Earth Day, April 22nd

A Word From Our Editor, Grace Sylke
As we bring our Obesity In AMERICA Series to a close (only one more Newsletter on MSG to go), we’re realizing how much help is out there and how many people have created websites that are on the front lines of this fight for our health, our lives and the well-being of our nation.
The hardest part of making the kinds of nutritional changes we’ve been talking about in this Series is breaking our addictions to the unhealthy foods and beverages that Big Food is serving up. It’s as if we’re all Sugar Aholics, Sugar Substitute Aholics, High Fructose Corn Syrup Aholics, et. al. Until an Addict hits his/her bottom, there simply isn’t anything that can be done to reverse the destructive behavior and body damage that is being done by the addiction.
It seems that the first step has to be simply admitting one is an Addict so here goes: My name is Grace Sylke, and I am a Sugar Addict.
That’s not to say I haven’t made big strides in stepping away from that addiction; but when I’m under stress, the first thing I want to grab for is a Virgil’s Root Beer.
As a child, Root Beer floats were a special treat in our household. We would sit around the table together lapping up this sugary reward, laughing and talking which made me feel loved, safe and protected. WOW! A flood of childhood memories just came in all connected to Root Beer.
Has anyone started a Sugar Addicts Anonymous program yet? In many ways, Alcohol Addiction is the same thing as Sugar Addiction. Alcohol and Sugar have a lot in common except Alcohol has the ability to directly affect ones brain and distort ones perceptions of reality.
Right about now, we’re wondering what a sugar free world would look like. Just hold that thought for a minute while you contemplate if you, too, are a Sugar Addict.

Follow Grace on Instagram at

This is a photo of Oliver, Grace’s husband and business partner, pouring his Agave down the drain after reading our March Newsletter.
Grace is an Aquaponics Entrepreneur, a Food Activist, a Brainwave Neuro-feedback Trainer and a Photographer. Yes, she’s a very busy woman.

She often travels to Arizona to conduct Brainwave Neurofeedback Trainings at the Biocybernaut Institute

. So once she started her Instagram site, it became obvious that her travel Photos needed to play an important role on this fun site.

This explains why one day she’s posting photos of her Vertical Food Forever™ Farm System, and the next day, she’s posting photos of picturesque land/skyscapes. It certainly keeps her Instagram site interesting.

If you’re on a desktop or laptop, just click this

to see what she’s uploaded today!

If you’re mobile, go to Instagram and Follow:

As a Food Activist, Grace is doing her best to create more Food Activists because if we sit around and do nothing, we’ll all die sooner and lead lives of sickness with Big Pharma’s pills flooding our medicine cabinets and Big Foods poison filling our cupboards.

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The FOOD REVOLUTION Needs YOU! Part 12 of Obesity In AMERICA
It’s April of 2016 and according to a tradition we started last year, this is FOOD REVOLUTION Month! If you don’t know there’s a Food Revolution going on, it’s time you do and it’s past time for you to get involved in it because this revolution is about saving lives!
In the very first Newsletter of this Series on Obesity In AMERICA, December 2014, we told our readers about a study done by Columbia University and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation which found that 1 in 5 US deaths is associated with obesity. But here’s what we didn’t tell you. That study was done in 2006, which was a decade ago; and no follow up study has been done since then. (Stats taken from the website article entitled “One in Five American Deaths Now Associated with Obesity”).
So what do you think the number would be today given we have become more obese than ever? Do we think it’s 2 in 5? Could it be 3 in 5? Whatever it is, it’s way too high a price to pay for the luxury of having Big Food continue to feed us it’s bastardized version of real food.
In this April 2016 Newsletter, we send you to the 5th Annual Food Revolution Summit sponsored by John & Ocean Robbins. We also publish the List of Senators who voted to pass the DARK ACT and we share more Angel Websites that are fully engaged in this Food Revolution Fight and working hard to inform us all of the dangers of Big Food. So let’s get started.
First, a little confession! We’re going to be writing one more Newsletter on Obesity In AMERICA to make it a baker’s dozen because we forgot to talk about a very important food additive that we all need to be aware of–MSG. That’s coming in May.

April 30 through May 8, 2016
You don’t have to go anywhere. This Summit comes to you. And it’s FREE! Here’s what the Summit sponsors have to say about why we need a Food Revolution.
“Our world is in desperate need of a food revolution. Pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, and untested chemicals are spreading like a virus through our food supply. The health of your family and friends, as well as our planet, is at risk!

You’re in the right place if you want to get informed and empowered, and if you want to find out how you can prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, fatigue, poor sleep, and other health challenges – with food!” (Quote taken from the Food Revolution Summit website.)
WOW! This sounds like what we’ve been writing about for over 2 years now. No wonder we like these guys. They ask you to consider these facts:
  • “Half of people in the U.S. who reach the age of 85 have Alzheimer’s. And studies say the unhealthy typical American diet TRIPLES your level of risk.
  • “Factory farms aren’t just cruel to animals. They’re also breeding antibiotic resistant bacteria that killed more than 23,000 people last year.
  • “In the last 20 years, childhood hospitalization rates for food allergies have tripled.
  • “Some scientists have linked genetically engineered food-related pesticides to toxic and allergic reactions in people; to sickness, sterility and fatalities in livestock; and damage to virtually every organ studied in lab animals.
  • “Toxic pesticides developed as agents of war and linked to cancer, sterility, and birth defects are routinely poured on farmland & traces of them wind up in the food you eat.
  • “You can prevent or even in some cases reverse heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, memory loss, constipation, fatigue, and many forms of cancer – just by eating healthy, delicious food!”(Quote taken from the Food Revolution Summit website)
Set aside time in your busy schedule starting April 1st through May 8th, 2016 to attend the Food Revolution Summit! Here’s how it works:
John Robbins will “conduct 24 highly focused 30-45 minute interviews with a brilliant panel of experts. Each day of the summit you can hear three interviews, at no charge, broadcast live or on 21 hour replay.” If you miss a presentation, “There are recordings, transcripts, and many other resources that are available as part of an optional upgrade package.” (Quotes taken from the Food Revolution Summit website)
This Food Revolution Summit is one of the best ways to get informed about what’s wrong with our broken food system and how to fix it. See you at the Summit!

Which of these elected Servants of the People BETRAYED us and pledged their allegiance to BIG Food and the GMO nightmare instead!

Above you see the elected members of our United States Senate. Sadly, nearly half of them voted to BETRAY us in an attempt to pass the DARK ACT. Had they been successful, WE, the PEOPLE, would NOT even have the right to vote for Mandatory GMO Labeling in our States. We would be doomed to blindly ingesting GMOs in perpetuity.
In a recent 2016 poll of likely voters, “89% said they favor mandatory labels on ‘foods which have been genetically engineered or containing genetically engineered ingredients be labeled to indicate that.’  A mere 6% oppose such a requirement and another 6% don’t know. A 77% supermajority not only favored mandatory labeling but “strongly” favored the proposal. These views are widespread across demographic lines, with nearly all Democrats (92% favor, 2% oppose), independents (89% favor, 7% oppose) and Republicans (84% favor, 7% oppose) supporting a required label.

By similarly overwhelming margins, voters prefer that GMO labels on food products be printed on the package, with 88% saying they prefer printed labels (79% strongly favor), while just 8% prefer scannable bar codes.” So when we say these lawmakers are not representing WE, the PEOPLE, we’re not exaggerating that fact. They are NOT representing 89% of their constituents. Why not? The obvious answer is there must be monetary reasons (could it be campaign contributions?) that are causing OUR Representatives not to represent us. (Quote taken from the Center For Food Safety website article entitled “U.S. Polls on GE Food Labeling”)
DARK stands for Denying Americans the Right to Know.This Act was already passed in the House of Representatives on a dark day in 2015. The Act was ironically called H.R.1599-Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015. It’s really pathetic how Acts are named with exactly the opposite words to describe their real intent. If you understand that, you’re way ahead of the government’s shell game designed to dupe the people. That was July 23, 2015 when WE, the PEOPLE were doomed to eat unlabeled GMO’s without ever being able to say “NO”. If you want to see which Representatives betrayed us, go to our July 2015 Newsletter that lays it all out.
Fortunately, our Forefathers created a governing system with two houses and a system of checks and balances, which requires both houses to pass a Bill before it becomes law. So H.R.1599 went to the Senate; and thanks to the Angel Websites listed below, there was a LOT of PUSH BACK. WE, the PEOPLE, were quite literally fighting for our lives! When H.R.1599 went to the Senate, it was named S.2609 and labeled as “An original bill to amend the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 to require the Secretary of Agriculture to establish a national voluntary labeling standard for bioengineered foods, and for other purposes.”
So you can see how difficult it can be for the layman to track a Bill from one house to the other because the numbers and the names all change. Nevertheless, S.2609 was also the DARK ACT, which also would have made it impossible for WE the PEOPLE to vote in mandatory State GMO Labeling Laws because this faustian Bill designed by the Bio-Techs themselves would have superseded any and all State Laws.
Here’s what happened in the Senate on March 16, 2016:
This Screenshot was taken from one of those Angelic Websites that’s deep in the trenches of the Food Revolution, Food Democracy Now.
Sadly for Republicans, it’s plain to see that 45 of the 49 YEAs were Republicans while 41 of the 48 NAYs were Democrats. Clearly our Democrat lawmakers are on the side of Food Freedom over our Republican lawmakers.
But there’s more to this story as it seems that one of the leaders of the Democrat Party and a strong contender in the race for the White House, Hillary Clinton, has big monetary ties to Monsanto. More about that in May.


Below, we continue our List of the Angelic Websites that are fighting the good fight for Food Freedom.


The good news is there really are a lot of these sites on the front lines fighting for our Food Freedom in the FOOD REVOLUTION. So let’s start with a Food Production Company created by Moms and aimed at children called Revolution Foods.

Revolution Foods

The two founders of Revolution Foods Moms are creating “nutritious, fresh, and tasty food for schools and families across the country.” Their “meals are made from high quality ingredients you can feel good about. No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.”

They started Revolution Foods “with a mission to transform the way America eats by providing access to healthy, affordable meals.” They “believe that proper nutrition is a cornerstone of providing our youth the nourishment they need to lead successful, healthy lives. What began in schools, serving freshly prepared meals to students, has since grown to retail and today they’re proud to offer meal options for both families and students across the country. 2000 million meals later, their journey has only just begun.” (Quotes taken from the revolution foods website about page)

GMO Action Alliance

The GMO Action Alliance is an alliance of grassroots organizations from states across the U.S., working together to educate people about the issues with genetically engineered crops and foods, connect people with their communities, and empower people to take back control over their food.” (Quote taken from the GMO Action Alliance website Home Page)

Label GMOs

Label is a broad based website focused on some of the most important issues facing our planet today including the proliferation of GMOs around the world and the job killing TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement).

According to this website, “64 Countries Ban or Require GMO Labeling”; but the U.S. is not one of them because we do not have food freedom. Follow this website to get important information about these issues. (Quote taken from the Label Home Page)


JUST LABEL IT! was one of the main websites that helped to defeat The DARK ACT. It’s entire focus is on the fight to get GMO’s labeled in the U.S.
This website explains why GMO labeling is important, why it won’t add to the cost of foods and why we don’t need GMOs to feed the world.

The banner may be small but the vision of The Weston A. Price Foundation is huge. “The Foundation is dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education, research and activism. It supports a number of movements that contribute to this objective including accurate nutrition instruction, organic and biodynamic farming, pasture-feeding of livestock, community-supported farms, honest and informative labeling, prepared parenting and nurturing therapies. Specific goals include establishment of universal access to clean, certified raw milk and a ban on the use of soy formula for infants.”
“The Weston A. Price Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charity founded in 1999 to disseminate the research of nutrition pioneer Dr. Weston Price, whose studies of isolated nonindustrialized peoples established the parameters of human health and determined the optimum characteristics of human diets. Dr. Price’s research demonstrated that humans achieve perfect physical form and perfect health generation after generation only when they consume nutrient-dense whole foods and the vital fat-soluble activators found exclusively in animal fats.” (Quotes taken from The Weston A. Price Foundation website About  Page)

Alliance For Natural Health (ANH USA)

The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) is committed to  sustainable health, the recognition that true health requires a proactive and preventive approach that focuses on a nutrient-rich diet, proper supplementation, and limiting our exposure to toxic substances. A system that is single-mindedly focused on “treating” sick people with expensive drugs, rather than maintaining healthy people, is neither practical nor economically sustainable.”
“ANH-USA is part of an international organization dedicated to promoting natural and sustainable health-and, in particular, consumer freedom of choice in healthcare-through good science and good law.”
“ANH-USA actively engages in legal initiatives, standing against forces that would limit your access to safe and effective dietary supplements, complementary therapies, and integrative medicines. We lobby Congress and state legislatures, act as a government watchdog, file comments on proposed rulemakings, and educate the public, the media, and other decision-makers.” (Quotes taken from The Alliance for Natural Health USA About Page)
To keep abreast of what’s happening in many areas of food and health freedom, follow this site.

Earth Day is Back, April 22nd! That was fast!

Here’s Grace’s original Pixton cartoon celebrating Earth Day. Feel free to send it to friends and family members as a reminder to regard our Mother on her special day. You can get it on our Pinterest Wall.
If you want to know more about the origins of Earth Day, go to our April 2015 Newsletter and read all about it.
As we added to our List of The Good Guys this month, we realized there are more than we can cover; but since we have one more Month in this Series on Obesity In AMERICA, we’ll share them in May. We’ve also decided on our next Series, which will be called The Epic Battle Against GMO’s (Gutting MotherNature’s Organs). That should be interesting.
Please FORWARD this email to your colleagues, friends and family who need to become aware of the importance of healthy eating. We can’t make the changes we need to make without first understanding why the changes are so important. We can save lives with this information.

Thank You for following our Newsletters. We so appreciate your interest in our two cutting edge Aquaponics Companies, Aquaponics USA and Aquaponics Wold, LLC. We’ll continue to bring you important information about Aquaponics, our Food and our U.S. Food System, which, right now, is broken and has turned us into subjects of Big Food.

Please help us turn the tables around so we can declare our Food Freedom again and become the healthiest country on the planet instead of the sickest.
Aquaponics USA/World
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