Don’t miss our latest Video posted April 26th, 2014


AWorld Greenhouse with World Flag #1We’ve just recently completed the conversion of our Growroom and our Greenhouse into demonstration areas showing how our commercial-sized Food Forever™ Farms work. If you’ve been following us, you won’t recognize the interiors of these growing areas as our commercial system is entirely different than our small school and home systems; and there are only two Deep Media Grow Beds. Instead, we’re using proprietary technology called Duffy Duct™ Growing Systems that come in both Vertical and Horizontal configurations.

Below is one of four walls of Vertical Duffy Ducts™ that are in our Greenhouse capable of growing 224 heads of lettuce. Here we are growing Romaine, which we plan to sell as Living Romaine with the roots attached.

Greenhouse March 22 2014 1 8x10

You can watch our new Video right here or over at YouTube where you will see the entire reconfigured Greenhouse with these amazing walls of Romaine Lettuce, plus our new Growroom and Fishroom.

We so appreciate you following our Blog. Until next time, GET GROWING!


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2 comments on “Don’t miss our latest Video posted April 26th, 2014

  1. I was wondering if it matters the type of fish if I just want to focus on the production of vegetables and not in the raise of fish. I want to produce vegetables with less water, less energy at a faster rate, do the fishes need any particular characteristics?


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