Aquaponics USA Installs a Food Forever™ Growing System at Davis Bilingual Elementary School

Davis Bilingual Elementary School

Aquaponics USA installs an FFGS-40-plus into the Library of the Davis Bilingual Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona.

The Davis Bilingual Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona was the first site of three Tucson Elementary schools to receive Food Forever™ Growing Systems during the whirlwind installation project conducted by Aquaponics USA and the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.

Now you can view this fascinating installation in a Video recently posted on the Aquaponics USA You Tube Channel. Just click on the Blogroll to your right where the Aquaponics USA TV Channel link is located. The Davis Installation is called “Aquaponics USA Travels to Tucson, Arizona – Part 1 of 4”. You can also watch this installation right here on our Vodpod widget. It’s the second Video from the top.

During the break between Christmas of 2011 and New Years of 2012, Aquaponics USA took a two-man crew with them to Tucson, Arizona where the crew efficiently built, installed and tested three Food Forever™ Growing Systems in three different elementary schools. What was challenging about these installations is that the crew had no idea what the set up was going to look like until they walked into the rooms allocated to contain the aquaponics systems. Then the crew essentially built the systems on site to perfectly fit the allocated space; and, of course, after building the system, it had to be tested. It was an ambitious project that took one day for each of the sites given some of the system construction was done prior to landing in Tucson.

Davis Bilingual Elementary School opted to house their Food Forever™ Growing System in the Library. They tore up a section of carpet, moved book cases, painted the cement floor; and Wah Lah!, the library becomes an aquaponic garden ready to grow out food fish and veggies. This system will serve as a teaching lab for teachers and students in many subjects as aquaponics lends itself to teaching biology, science, physics, language arts and culinary arts.

This project has been created by the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, which is serving as a model for how Food Banks in other communities can run their programs. What’s different about this Community Food Bank is it has an arm that is all about food production not just government food distribution. If you find yourself in Southern Arizona and want to see an aquaponics Food Forever™ Growing System in action, make a request to visit the Davis Bilingual School Library. I’m sure they’d welcome you. In the meantime, watch the installation over at the Aquaponics USA TV Channel under our Blogroll or click on our Vodpod widget right here. The Davis Installation is the second video from the top.

All three schools received the exact same system, which is an FFGS-40 plus, which means they got four grow beds with a 320 gallon fish tank, plus an extra brooding and breeding tank that is 120 gallons. Watching all three videos showing these school installations is quite informative as each installation was shot showing different aspects of that installation. Putting all three of them together in your mind will give you a real clear concept of how these systems are built and how they work to grow-out food fish and veggies. (The Video of the third installation and the Interview of the lead on the project from the Southern Arizona Community Food Bank will not be up for a couple of weeks so watch for them.)

Until then have a happy and healthy 2012, which has moved into March faster than we can say “Aquaponics”.

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