The Aquaponics USA Food Forever™ Growing System at Manzo Elementary School

Manzo Elementary School is in the Inner City of Tucson Arizona; and now it’s one of three Tucson schools that are the envy of  the Tucson School District because it has a state of the art Aquaponics USA Food Forever™ Growing System sitting smack dab in the middle of one of its all-purpose rooms, which also houses band equipment and music classes.

Now, you can see a video of this entire installation at Manzo Elementary on our You Tube Aquaponics USA TV Channel. Just go to our Blogroll on the right and click on our Aquaponics USA TV Channel or connect through our Vodpod widget right here. It’s called “Aquaponics USA Travels to Tucson, Arizona – Part 2 of 4 and is on the top of the Vodpod widget below.

The Tilapia that will be swimming around in the 320 gallon fish tank (it sits in the open space between the four Grow Beds) will love hearing the music that the students play in this room as they eat their Aquaponics USA FAST GROWTH Tilapia Fish food and fertilize the plants that will soon be growing under the indoor fluorescent grow lights that will soon be installed over this Food Forever™ Growing System.

The screen you see over the fish tank has been added by the Manzo Aquaponics Team to keep the fish in and the children out of their new and very exciting food growing system. In the main photo above, all the red stuff in the Grow Beds is called Hydroton and was originally created for Hydroponic food growers; and it works just as well for aquaponics because it is pH neutral and has lots of porous space for beneficial bacteria to grow on it. You can learn all about Hydroton from our website by going to our “Products” page and then scrolling down to the “Hydroton” page.

Manzo Elementary School has a wonderful feel and is the epitome of what every elementary school should be these days because it’s all about being and teaching sustainability. There are water-catch cisterns everywhere to catch and save rain water as Tucson is a desert environment.

These cisterns have provided enough rain water to water the schools outdoor gardens this winter.

There’s a courtyard in the middle of a rectangle of classrooms that has a hen house with six chickens that run free during the day  when they’re not laying their one egg a day contribution to food sustainability. 

The above photo shows the chickens in the compost pile. Teaching the children how to compost is another wonderful way to instill the importance of sustainable living.

The addition of their Food Forever™ Growing System is going to add a lot to this program as the students will learn how to raise food fish along with veggies in a cross-linked system that recirculates the water and raises vegetables year round. So many subjects can be taught through a hands on aquaponics system including biology, math, science, language and culinary arts.

We’ll be sharing posts and pictures of what’s happening with this Food Forever™ Growing System at Manzo Elementary School as it progresses through its stages of getting lights, fish and plants so stay tuned. In the meantime, visit the Manzo Elementary School Reconciliation Ecology Facebook page here:

All three schools received the exact same system, which is an FFGS-40 plus, which means they got four grow beds with a 320 gallon fish tank, plus an extra brooding and breeding tank that is 120 gallons. Watching all three videos showing these school installations is quite informative as each installation was shot showing different aspects of that installation. Putting all three of them together in your mind will give you a real clear concept of how these systems are built and how they work to grow-out food fish and veggies. (The Video of the third installation and the Interview of the lead on the project from the Southern Arizona Community Food Bank will not be up for a couple of weeks).

Until then, enjoy the first two instructional installation videos compliments of Aquaponics USA and Enjoy.

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