Beautiful Tucson, here we come!

Grow Beds for three FFGS-40 Food Forever™ Growing Systems.

These are the Grow Beds that will be teaching elementary school children in Tucson how to grow veggies aquaponically.

These Grow Beds, Fish Tanks, Water Rings and tons of other components are going to Tucson tomorrow.

Tucson! We're on our way.

Here are some pictures of the components of our FFGS-40 systems that are going into three elementary schools in Tucson Arizona. We’re going to be glad to load these Food Forever™ Growing System components into the U-Haul truck tomorrow so we can move again in our manufacturing facility, which, right now is full of Grow Beds, Fish Tanks, Stands, Tables, Step Stools, Fish Nets, Fish Food, Water Rings, Plumbing and a lot of other parts that make up three FFGS-40 Growing Systems with three extra 120 gallon Fish Tanks.

This project is being lead by Zotero Citlalcoatl the School & Community Garden Program Coordinator of the Community Food Resource Center of the Community Food Bank and the Tucson AquaPonics Project. The Tucson AquaPonics Project is an “open-source, non-profit, community supported training and resource organization designed to help individuals and communities achieve Food Freedom and Food Security”.  The Tucson AquaPonics Project has a new website and is a great place to make an end of the year donation. Tucson appears to be way ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative ways to grow food and create a sustainable community food program; and we are so pleased that Zotero decided to choose our systems for his elementary school aquaponics projects.

Fish love to hang out in schools. Soon Tilapia will quite literally be in three elementary schools in Tucson.

Schools of Tilapia in three elementary schools in Tucson.

We’re going to be shooting stills of the trip and the step by step assembly process of each of these systems in the three different schools; and we’ll also be making videos of this adventure to show on our Aquaponics USA TV Channel.

Once we complete the delivery and assembly of our Food Forever™ Growing Systems in Tucson, we’ll be going to Phoenix to pick up a pallet of solar panels from Sun Electric, a reputable solar company there. We’re getting 30 two hundred watt panels for a total of 6,000 watts, which we’ll be using to run our house, our greenhouse and our growroom in the near future. Eat your heart out, Edison. We’ll also be blogging about that early 2012 project under our Getting Off The Grid category so watch for those posts.

So many projects, so little time; and one hour before Christmas dinner.

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