A Two Story Growing Area for Plants and Fry.

Growing Fry (newly born Tilapia) and Seedlings

Growing the fish and the seedlings in this two story high rise.

This handy shelving device that you can pick up at Home Depot makes a great two story growing area for both your fry (baby tilapia) and your seedling trays. We’ve hung two florescent lights, which are providing plenty of light for the fish and the plants.

We have a variety of different lettuces in the seedling trays; and I will be planting the sprouted lettuce into grow beds in both the Greenhouse and the Growroom tomorrow.

Seedling Trays with Planting Cubes

Our adult Tilapia are so happy in the new Growroom, they are mating a lot; and we have more babies than we’ve ever had. We decided we needed to add a separate rearing tank for the little ones so we fired up this aquarium and placed water from the Food Forever™ Growing System into it.

Tilapia will mate more in warmer water. Because the Growroom environment is so well controlled, their water and the room temperature is staying in the low 80’s. They also really like those Tilapia Condos we created and are using them as nests.

The male Tilapia hangs out in the nesting area; and encourages the female to come in and lay her eggs. It’s quite a scene to observe their mating ritual, which has a lot to do with a rather aggressive face-sucking action in which the male Tilapia puts his huge mouth around the smaller face of the female to pull her into his lair. If she resists, there’s a lot of splashing that takes place.

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