Even Tilapia like Condo Living

Even Tilapia like to live in Condos

Residents of the Tilapia Condos

This is one of our newest products to hit our website. We call them Tilapia Condos; but we’re thinking other species of fish will also appreciate them. A Tilapia Condo consists of a series of 4″ round PVC pipes cut to about 18 inches in length, sanded until the edges are smooth and then hooked together in a double-layer multiple dwelling. The Condo sits at the bottom of a fish tank and is the perfect addition to a fish growing environment.

This Tilapia Condo is in our 320 gallon tank that is 4 ft. deep. Until we came up with the Condo idea, we used individual PVC Pipe dwellings; but they would move around all over the bottom of the tank depending on what the tilapia were up to. Connecting the individual dwellings in this way made them stay in one place so they now serve as more dependable and solid dwellings thus reducing the stress on our fish.

However, our Tilapia seem to also enjoy roof-top relaxing as one of their favorite things to do is lay on top of the Tilapia Condo sideways. When we walk into the Growroom, we hear a big splash as one of the roof-toppers jumps off the roof. You can actually observe this behavior by clicking over to the Greenhouse page of our website and scrolling down to our Growroom webcam at the bottom of that page.

Happy, stress free fish are healthy fish; and healthy fish are what you want to raise to get healthy food. Click over to our “Accessories” page to order a Tilapia Condo. They come in two sizes to accommodate both small and large tilapia.

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