My S.510 RANT!

Think About It!

The FDA has been SOOO Co-Opted!

My S.510 RANT:

I’ve been putting this off for weeks, reporting on S.510, but my time is up and so is our country’s time to be free of it, as it is about to be voted on when the Senate returns after the Thanksgiving Holiday. What do you think the odds are they save this one for the big Christmas surprise, just like they did with the Health Care Bill last year. The situation does not look good for those of us who see S.510 as another expensive POWER GRAB by Government.

To get a bird’s eye view as to how terribly stacked the deck is in regard to S.510 just click over here to see what Senators received from Special Interest Groups to either support or oppose S.510 – The FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act. The author of this post has listed the names of the Senators, the Party and State, and the amount of Special Interest campaign contributions that they received to support it or not support it.

I’m not a lawyer or legal assistant or anything like that. I’m just a citizen who is very interested and concerned about our FOOD FREEDOM; and I am against S.510, so I’ll tell you right now this post is biased against the Bill.

Here’s what my reading of the Bill has determined from my biased point of view:

S.510 is divided into four TITLES as follows:
TITLE I is called “Improving Capacity to Prevent Food Safety Problems”
TITLE II is called “Improving Capacity to Detect and Respond to Food Safety Problems”
TITLE III is called “Improving the Safety of Imported Food
TITLE IV is called “Miscellaneous Provisions”

Now, before I start talking about TITLE I, let me explain my prejudice against this Bill, which I have fully declared here. Preceding TITLE I, is a page that announces the Act’s (also known as a Bill) short title, which is ‘FDA Food Safety Modernization Act’. It also lists its Table of Contents and defines the purpose of the Bill. The purpose of the Bill is defined like this:

“Purpose: In the nature of a substitute” S.510 To amend the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act with respect to the safety of the food supply.”

So here’s my first argument:
There is already a perfectly good Act in place, which is about protecting our Food, Drugs and Cosmetics. It was put in place in the early sixties and is administered, regulated and controlled by the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, which is the same agency that would be administering, regulating and controlling the FDA Food safety Modernization Act presently tagged S.510.

Now, is there anyone in this audience who doesn’t know the FDA is co-opted up to its ears by the Big Agri, Big Pharma and Big Chemi Companies with Monsanto, the creator of GMO seeds on the top of the list? Here are some articles to bring you up to speed should you wish to see the truth about that statement:

This next resource is so loaded I’m quoting the first paragraph here just to give you an idea of what is really going on with the new Food Safety Modernization Act:

The FDA’s Revolving Door Swings Again
Posted July 13th, 2009
By Christine White
“Announced this past week, former Monsanto director Michael Taylor has joined the FDA as ‘senior advisor to the commissioner’. In accepting this position, Taylor takes on the role as what critics have claimed ‘a kind of food czar of the Food and Drug Administration’. His FDA appointment includes the following responsibilities:
– Assess current food program challenges and opportunities
- Identify capacity needs and regulatory priorities

- Develop plans for allocating fiscal year 2010 resources
- Develop the FDA’s budget request for fiscal year 2011
- Plan implementation of new food safety legislation.”
Read the entire article here:

Yes, you read the above quote correctly. The former Monsanto Director, Michael Taylor, has joined the FDA and is making a plan to implement the new food safety legislation. Excuse me a moment while I go puke.

Okay, I’m a little on the grey side but I can still write. So now we’ve got the big bad wolf, Michael Taylor, right in the hen house implementing plans on how to keep the sheep (I mean hens) safe. If you don’t know what Monsanto is and has been up to for decades, check out these interesting resources:

Our FDA has been under Monsanto’s influence for a long time, which is why GMO’s were approved based on Monsanto’s word they were safe with no testing or oversite whatsoever. In fact the FDA declared GMO’s to be so like natural foods that no oversite was necessary. Here are more resources if you really want to know the truth about how much our FDA cares about our safety.

Now, the original Bill, the one that’s being modernized by Monsanto (I mean Michael Taylor), covers Food, Drugs and Cosmetics. Well, as far as the cosmetics are concerned, there’s another big discrepancy between what the FDA says its mandate is, keeping the citizens of the US safe, and what it’s actually doing.

US Cosmetics are carrying dangerous Nanoparticles, thanks to the BIO-Tech Companies that are also in bed with the FDA. This Nano-Technology is causing a devastating illness called Morgellons disease and is having other harmful effects on the body.

Every woman reading this post needs to print the following pdf and read every word of it because Nanoparticles are everywhere in your Cosmetics and the FDA is doing nothing to protect you. Here’s a quote from that pdf:
“Many types of nanoparticles have proveno be toxic to human tissue and cell cultures, resulting in increased oxidative stress, inflammatory cytokine production, DNA mutation and even cell death.” PLEASE READ THIS REPORT!

Click to access nanocosmetics.pdf

And then look at these sites which talk about Morgellons:

Now, do you see why I simply don’t believe the FDA really cares about our food safety. If it did, there would be no GMO’s in our food, no aspertame in our food, no fluoride in our water and no Nanoparticles in our cosmetics. So if it isn’t about safety, what is S.510 about?

More on that tomorrow:

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