I’m Drowning in the Red Tape! Gulp. . . Gasp!. . .Give me Air!

And I'm only on page 54 of 225!

I'm Drowning!

The next time I decide to comment on a Congressional Bill, will someone shoot me. I had no idea what I was getting myself into (and I don’t even have a following on this Blog yet.) So why am I spending so much time swimming through this ocean of RED TAPE? The number one reason is because I said I was going to do it; and now I’ve committed in public (small as it may be). It’s going to take me days to complete the read and take the notes to describe what I’m reading as this Bill, S510, is 225 pages long and not an easy or enjoyable read, believe me. Right now, I’m on page 54 (that’s less than one quarter of the way through it). Thank goodness, I didn’t say I was going to comment on the Health Care Bill. I will complete this and give a report; so if you’re out there, hang on. It just so happens I’m a good swimmer; so once I clear my lungs, I’ll start swimming again.

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