It’s all about the Plumbing!

The FFGS-50 FOOD FOREVER™ Growing System shot from the plumbing side

Valves, Bulkheads, Hoses, Water Rings and Syphons, that's what make up most of the plumbing package

Here are some pictures of our 50 square foot FOOD FOREVER™ Growing System all plumbed out. There’s an entire page about the plumbing on our website. When you buy a FOOD FOREVER™ Growing System, it comes with its proven syphon(s) and all the plumbing. The plumbing is really the most important part of an aquaponic food growing system. If you don’t get that right, you’ve got dead fish and plants.
The FFGS-50 all plumbed out and ready for fish and plants.

Here it is, the FFGS-50, Plumbed and ready to go

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