Introducing the voice for Aquaponics USA!

Hi, my name is Grace, and I’m the official voice for Aquaponics USA. This is our first post to our new Word Press Blog site. How exciting to have a place to share all the adventures of running a sustainable-living business like Aquaponics USA. The sustainable-living movement is taking off and spreading through our group consciousness like the wild fires burning through Southern California right about now. Only it’s a good thing.

Actually, one of nature’s ways of renewing is to clear by fire; and, in the same way, the figurative firestorm being created by the sustainable-living movement is just that–a clearing away of the old way of  living completely dependent on outside corporations like factory farms and embracing personal responsibility in many areas including food.

Aquaponics USA is one of the young spearhead companies helping people to learn to grow food, both veggies and fish,  naturally without harmful chemicals and fertilizers. We hope you will join us in this adventure as we shift paradigms from being dependent to becoming Food Independent.

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